Advice for Choosing a Wedding Venue

There are a lot of variables when it comes to weddings. In fact every aspect of a wedding is optional, from the wedding cake to the dress, down to the décor. But there are three constants, the bride, the groom, and the venue, because in the end, you need to find a place to host friends and family for the celebration. Thus bringing us to the task of finding the perfect venue.

Below is a breakdown of important things you will need to know when choosing a wedding venue.


Pockets have different sizes and so do peoples’ bank accounts. First before meeting a planner or begin to check out venues, one must – together with their spouse decide on how much they are willing to spend. The budget will then put into perspective the type of venue you should be looking at. You should also know that the venue should not be more than 50% of the total budget.


A planner is very important, quite often couples get excited and begin to book venues and dates first before they consult a planner or without considering other expenses. Planners are more familiar with most of these event spaces, and also helping to pick dates knowing the off season and so on. They have within them the creative awareness to alter and tweak the venues in such a way that the vision of the wedding will come to life.


Presumably an obvious category. The venue would play an undeterred role in molding the ambience for your wedding. Firstly you must have a vision of what you want on your wedding day. Theme colors should also go with the venue, so it’s best to pick colors after choosing a venue. If you are thinking of planning a rustic style wedding, outdoor venues work well, ranches, barn houses, backyards, can all be decorated appropriately. Same also if you were planning a modern wedding, one should look at posh restaurant spaces, art galleries, ware houses, or city lofts.


It is important to know the amount of guests you are inviting prior to choosing a venue, it gives a clear picture on how big the space should be. Couples usually underestimate the number of guests they wish to invite for the wedding. You could get in to a tough situation if for instance, you choose a small venue and more guest call-in and confirm they are attending or the parents decide to add more guests. So to avoid this debacle a guest list should worked out early.


For instance you are having a destination wedding or a wedding with a lot of out-of-town guests you should try to ensure the event is close or even connected to a hotel, knowing how many guests the hotel can fit comfortably according to the fire code.

Lastly,you have to stay true to yourselves. Many couples choose wedding venues based off weddings they admire online, it would have been beautiful, but not perfect for you. So it’s important to choose a venue that represents who you both are.



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