How to Book a Meeting Room in Chicago?

Booking a meeting room is an easy task, and can be done without ever leaving your office. Whether its for a conference, an investor meeting, or a yearly in-house meeting, you can find an ideal meeting room in hours, if not minutes.

It’s important to remember that booking a room or a hall will often require a non-refundable deposit, but if you’re in a dynamic business, you may need to book multiple rooms at the same time until you know exactly where you will be holding your meeting.


Breather provides meeting rooms in multiple locations throughout Chicago, IL, all near the Art Institute. They can be rented hourly, or daily, and you can easily book them ahead. These meeting rooms are something else. Modern, spacious, and well designed, they feel more like a private residence than a business venture, which may be just the vibe you’re going for.

Public Library

Chicago’s Public Library has a network of meeting rooms, available at over 60 branches. With a quick phone call, you can easily book one. These are great for local businesses, as well as for employee meetings since it puts you on the pulse of the community. Each have different accommodations and facilities, and theyare spread throughout all of Chicago, so it’s important to pick one which suits your needs and is in an accessible location.


eVenues has over 500 listings, with capacities from six people to 3600. Many of eVenues’ listings require a full day commitment, while other offer an hourly rate. Unlike Breather, eVenues’ meeting rooms are crisp and professional, bordering on spartan. This may be just what you need, however, and they have meeting rooms in every corner of Chicago, Il.


Liquidspace has meeting rooms available from Lake Forest to Burbank, with a large assortment in-between. They are available at an hourly rate, but Half and full day rooms are available. Liquidspace’srooms are often stylized, and many are outfitted for special purposes like training, presentations, or round-table meetings. Capacities vary from two to 100, and even non-special purpose rooms come with a variety of amenities.


Peerspace is a listings site, which allows for owners to rent their properties for hourly or daily events. With dozens of listings in Chicago’s business core, you’re almost certain to find what you need. Most of the rooms available are pre-outfitted, but owners may be willing to add or remove amenities and appliances as needed.


If you’re holding a meeting in Chicago Il, many places are willing to book a room for your company or group beforehand. Though they often require a deposit, you can easily find a place in almost any area of Chicago.

If you’re an established company or even a new startup, there’s no reason not to make use of the professional and pre-outfitted meeting rooms availableatextremely low rates. They allow you to hold meetings in flexible locations on demand as needed.



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