Where to Rent Conference Rooms in LA?

The dictionary definition of a meeting is “an assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussions.” They are like a delicate ecological system where all parameters must be at near perfect before productive gains are met. Conference rooms, also known as conference halls. These rooms ideally are used to host meetings. They must be convenient and conducive enough to host meetings. With basic amenities included such as conference phone, table chairs, whiteboard, projector TV and so on. They arecommonly found in hotels, convention centers, including many establishments like hospitals.

1639 11th Street, Suite 210

Asides from the main conference area, this top floor room comes with a closed door lounge and two separate break out spaces. There is ample space for making private calls or just getting heads down to do some work. Also if there is any need for relaxation this conference space comes with a putting green and a ping pong table. This 1,072 square feet space comes with a whiteboard, parking spaces, Television, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, USB-C multiport, bathroom in the building, a great view and catering is allowed. A maximum capacity of 30 guests, and can seat 18 at table and 4 in lounge.

9314 Venice Boulevard

This conference room could be describe to be at the center of everything. The location is almost perfect for convening set of people from all over the town. Situated in a freestanding building with plenty of street parking and four private parking spaces available. This 647 square feet conference room in LA can host a maximum of 25 attendees with 16 at the table and 4 in the lounge. It comes with amenities such as, whiteboard, thunderbolt connectivity, USB-C multiport, mini fried, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, Ensuite bathroom, Apple TV, catering is allowed, and a flatscreen TV.

3535 Hayden Avenue

Located in a premium building (postmodern), and surrounded by a host of creative companies. A somewhat perfect venue for your conference meeting or for a brainstorming session. The size of this room is about 335 square feet having a maximum capacity of 8 guests, and can sit 6 at the tables and 1 in lounge. It is also good for team offsite, class, client meeting, presentation, or consultation. The basic amenities include, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, elevator access, whiteboard, USB-C multiport, flatscreen TV, a bathroom in the premises, HDMI, thunderbolt, and parking spaces.

120 E. 8th Street, Suite 512

Located at Downtown fashion sector, the newly renovated loft is filled with natural light, with skyline views at all windows. It seems like a perfect place to assemble for client meeting, or team meeting, team offsite, small event, presentation, a class or workshop. The conference room comes with a ground space of 295 square feet, seating 10 at tables, 4 in the lounge, which gives its maximum capacity of 14 guests. The conference room come standard with Wi-Fi, air conditioning, elevator access, whiteboard, USB-C multiport, flatscreen TV, a bathroom on the premises, HDMI, thunderbolt, and parking spaces.



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